How to Choose a Videographer in 2020

As a business owner with a keep grasp on the market, you know it’s time to incorporate a video marketing strategy into your overall plan. But where do you begin? While the temptation to try to go it alone to save money is very real, you can expect great things, and a better ROI, when you choose the right videographer for your marketing campaign. So, how do you find the right videographer for you?

Look for Existing Work

Any accomplished videographer will have work they are eager to show off. So in your search for the right videographer, be sure to look for a portfolio filled with well-shot videos. But just looking at the productions at face value isn’t enough, you should also see if they have data on how the videos helped their clients. These might be included in the portfolio or as case studies on their site, but don’t hesitate to reach out for this information if you can’t find it right away.

Look for Specialized Skills

As videographers build their careers, many find themselves falling into a specific niche within the market. During your search for a good videographer for your company, look for existing work within your industry. For instance, if you own a bar, you could look for videographers that specialize in making videos about cocktails.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

Many skilled videographers showcase their work on their social media pages. Over the past decade, social media platforms like Instagram have become integral to getting started in creative industries, including videography. Search the most popular hashtags for videos relevant to your business and see what you can find. People who know what they’re doing will also have a bio with keywords that make their profiles easily discoverable.

When it comes to looking at people’s work on social media, it’s okay to browse their feed, but follow the link to their actual portfolio to get a better idea of the  overall quality of their videos. Instagram, in particular, is notorious for making high-quality videos look bad, so don’t be too quick to judge based on someone’s social posts.

Communicate Clearly

When you discover people who seem like good candidates to deliver high-quality video content, be sure all expectations are clearly laid out. People who are experienced should be able to tell you the estimated cost of a project upfront. You should also communicate what kinds of shots are needed for a project, such as if you need drone footage or if you intend to include animation in your videos.

Look for people who are eager to know about your company and seem genuinely interested in your vision for your campaign. When you get a videographer who cares about the success of your content, can work within your budget, and has experience getting the shots you need, you’ll have all of the ingredients for an impactful video campaign.