How Publishing a Book Can Lead to More Business

Books mean big business

Many businesses can benefit from publishing a book that shares information and expertise with the marketplace.  For a business leader, writing a nonfiction book to introduce your ideas, your company, and its offerings to the world can be among the best uses of your marketing resources.

When a nonfiction business book or biography is used to help market a business, it’s a marketing tool, a big business card, introducing your company’s offerings, starting conversations and providing a path to “get your foot in the door.” With international and electronic distribution from online book retailers such as Amazon, your book can take you and your business to places you haven’t been before – new geographies, new industries, and new customers. A book is also an opportunity to distinguish your business from your competitor’s.

For example, two representatives from competing companies come to meet with you. At the end of your meeting, one gives you their business card and the other gives you a copy of their CEO’s book.  Which company would you perceive is more knowledgeable? Most likely, the one with the published book.

Who should write books?

You should consider writing a book if you are a company leader or a subject expert.

If you are the founder, chief, or president, writing a book will help you establish your company’s brand, garner positive coverage by media, communicate directly with consumers, inspire new lines of business, and leave a legacy for the next generation of business.

If you want to be recognized for your expertise in a certain field, writing a book can help you to increase your visibility and credibility, position yourself as a peer to established authorities, establish complementary streams of revenue, and help build new social and professional networks.

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