How Much Does a Quality Marketing Video Cost?

You might be considering creating a video to provide an interesting and engaging take on a product or your company as a whole. While videos are great for connecting at a deeper level with your target audience, the cost may be a little daunting. You probably don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a Super Bowl-quality ad, but you also don’t want a cheaply made video that will turn leads away. So, just how high is a reasonable price for a quality video?

The answer is: It depends. Video production is an extensive field of work in which many factors can vary, so the cost can range from anywhere from $100 if you do it yourself to over $200,000 with a high-end professional company. Here are some of the factors you should consider when planning your video budget.

Before production

A lot of planning should go into the video before the shoot actually happens, and this is where your budget will come in. Consider the concept of your video, which will include a script, plot, and cast. The simpler and more in-house the video is, the less you’ll have to pay others to come up with the concept. The location of the video could also make or break your budget. If you plan on having multiple locations in different parts of the world, the cost will skyrocket due to getting all the equipment everywhere and paying for staff to go with you. But if your video will be shot at your company, you could save thousands.

Another factor to consider is how long you want your video to be. Depending on the goal of the video, you may want it to be longer, but we recommend no more than a couple minutes to get your message across. This is ample time to catch the consumer’s attention and get them to form an opinion of your brand.

During production

After planning out the video, the actual shoot occurs. Costs you didn’t consider in the planning stage can definitely add up at this point. For example, if you hired a professional company along with actors, will you feed them during lunch breaks? If you move locations, will you pay for all of the transportation?

The right equipment is critical for the quality of your video, so think of what cameras, microphones, props, and lighting will be necessary. This equipment isn’t cheap, but it will be worth hiring a company who uses it to have a professional feel.

The schedule will also be something to consider. Think about how many hours and days will be needed to shoot the footage you need. If you hire actors and video staff, this will matter even more since you will have to pay them for more time.

Post production

Once you’ve got the footage you need, your video still isn’t done. Editing that footage is one of the most important steps. Making sure the audio and visuals go well together, adding appropriate captions and titles, and putting in music all make a world of difference to how your video will turn out. If you can afford to hire a professional video production company for this step, it might be worth it, as they already have a lot of experience with visual effects, sound design, graphics, and more.

You must also consider the dollars spent on promoting your video, such as SEO and ads. After all, you don’t want to spend all this money on a video that won’t be seen!

At UniMedia, we take all of these factors into consideration when creating gorgeous videos for our clients, while maximizing their budgets. Call us for a free quote on your video needs, and we can help you achieve your goals.