How a Well-Written Blog Promotes Your Business

If you’re aiming to draw additional traffic to your company’s website, build your online reputation, and gain new clients, one of the best strategies is to start a blog. When you create a blog attached to your company’s website, you give yourself some unique advantages over your competition and put yourself in a better position to grow. Here are some of the biggest benefits of having a well-written blog for your business

Build Trust with Your Leads

When you write and post quality content for readers online, you can provide helpful information people can put into practice or that makes them feel like they have gained valuable information before ever spending money on your services. The key here is to make sure the value you are providing points to your business rather than making people feel like they don’t need what you have to offer. For instance, if you are a car mechanic, you wouldn’t want  to write content about how easy it is to change oil in a car or install their own parts. However, you could write about what to do if they get a flat tire or signs their brakes are going bad.

When you create quality content that provides genuinely helpful information to readers, you demonstrate you are experts in your industry, which builds trust between you and your potential clients. 

Boost Your SEO

More quality content on your website means you’ll have more chances to boost your website’s SEO. As you plan your content strategy, you can research which topics people are searching for and the corresponding keywords. As you post content that includes those keywords and provides readers with useful information on those topics, you can expect to see better search engine rankings for your website. Posting quality content on a regular basis also keeps your website active, which is another key metric in boosting search rankings. 

Adding blog content also provides you with more opportunities to link to other parts of your company’s website, such as your contact page, about page, or other blog posts. As your website gets more clicks from one link to another, your domain authority builds.

Create Content for Other Marketing Channels

When you create good content for your blog, you should never recycle it in another blog post, but you can use it for other marketing channels. For instance, blog posts are the perfect type of content to share on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Blog posts are also great to use in your email marketing campaigns. Depending on how you got your lead, you can include a blog post that is relevant to their interests as part of your follow-up strategy. This is the perfect way to make your emails feel more personalized and less spammy, especially since good blog content will be more conversational and less salesy. 

When you get your blog up and running, make sure you are able to create posts on a regular basis. Each company will have their own frequency that works best for them, but a good place to start is posting once per week, then build from there. Once your blog is going strong, you can watch your sales grow.