Does Your Business Content Convert?

One of the central elements of marketing your business effectively is having messaging that communicates your brand identity in a compelling way. To do this, you need to publish content of various types for people to discover. Your business content can come in the form of blogs, email marketing, and much more. Business content gives you lots of opportunities to build brand strength through creativity, but you’ll also need to tailor your business content to increase conversions. 

Focus on Quality and Providing True Value

No matter which marketing channel you’re posting content on, stay true to who you are as a company and publish content tailored to your audience. While this may seem overly simplistic, some companies try to expand their reach where they won’t realistically gain new customers. Fill your sales funnel with people who will actually become clients by knowing your niche and tailoring your content to speak that niche clearly.

It’s also key to create content with heart and originality. Some companies create content marketing strategies to simply fill the web with their content, even if it is unoriginal or poorly written. Many businesses also fall into the trap of using black hat SEO techniques, which can end up backfiring and getting your website blacklisted. 

When you publish content that engages readers through relevance, quality writing, and a strong sense of expertise, you’ll get more people to stay on the page and become curious about what you have to offer. Not to mention, modern metrics used by search engines tend to reward quality content more than ever before. 

Provide Genuine Value

What stands out to readers is when they have a question answered better than they expected. If your content is able to actually solve a problem for readers before they even make a purchase, you will earn a strong sense of trust. Obviously, if your service involves consulting or coaching in any way, you shouldn’t answer everything for your readers. Leave readers curious about how much more value they can gain by actually becoming a customer. If your company sells products, then you should create content that educates about how to properly use or care for the kinds of products you sell. 

Include Compelling CTAs

The point where the rubber meets the road with your content is the CTA, or call to action. Depending on the industry, you may include a CTA in the actual body of your content, or you may leave a CTA in a separate section of copy aside from your main content. A quality CTA will be short, clear, and create some sort of urgency to fill a desired action. Simple phrases like “shop now” or “contact us today” are reliable CTAs that will effectively get readers to click. Include a link to a section of the website that makes sense in context with the CTA. 

When you focus on delivering tangible value to customers, create readable, engaging writing, and include linked CTAs, you boost your chances of converting more leads into customers.