Determining the Best Company Video Layout for Your Business

When creating  videos to best represent your business, it’s important to keep several things in mind to make an impactful, high-quality video. A key element in achieving this is choosing the right company video layout. 

The right layout for your company video helps to establish brand messaging, information, and tone through the look and feel of these videos. In order to determine the most effective company video layout for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Determine Your Message, Audience, and Impact

You can use a variety of video layout options for various types of internal and external corporate messaging. For example, you may choose a specific layout for frequently asked questions about various components or products your business offers to customers, or maybe you maintain a specific layout for company updates. 

Establishing a layout for certain messaging can also save you time in the long run by repopulating a video template with preexisting graphics and music so you don’t have to start from scratch. Once you have decided on your message, you need to determine who this message is for. Is this video for marketing purposes? Will your video be used for corporate onboarding? 

Your audience and the tone make a big impact on how you choose your layout. For example, if the video is geared towards customers, then using more dynamic, eye-catching visuals is the way to go. If the video is for new personnel onboarding, then a video that’s clean, polished, and displays a lot of information in an easy to read way is best.

Once you have a message and audience in mind, consider what impact you’re trying to make with your next video. Are you trying to build customer engagement by prompting viewers to share, comment, or make their own video in response?

Where Will Your Video Be Distributed?

Keep in mind where you are wanting your video to end up. Digital platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok all have different specs to keep in mind that may not be feasible with certain layouts. Video size, length, file type, and dimensions can have different limits across platforms. 

When it comes to posting your videos online, one size definitely does not fit all. It may be useful to consider setting aside layout templates for each platform you plan to post on so you never have to worry about the dimensions or specs being off.

The Right Direction for Your Company

There can be a lot of moving parts when it comes to determining the best layout for your company video. That’s why it’s helpful to collaborate with a production or videography business who can assess your needs and decide on the best company video layout for you.