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Corporate Videos and Customer Feedback

Throwing together multimedia content and calling it a day just doesn’t cut it anymore; customers are becoming conscious consumers and expect more from your brand. Business owners need to pay serious attention to the quality of their corporate videos as well as customer feedback on them. Allowing your content to tell a story while advertising your product or service is essential to being a reputable brand in the digital age. 

Some of your audience may keep it old-school and know what they want simply by scrolling your site, but most of them are expecting some engaging content to really sell them. Statista reports that 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices. What’s your video doing for your product? What are your consumers saying? And most importantly–what are you doing with that feedback?

What Should Your Corporate Videos Include?

A corporate video is your chance to put a face to your company’s name, and to be open and honest with your audience. A Forbes article outlined how consumers are losing trust in federal institutions, and are seeking to find it in other places–especially in the businesses they frequent. The article quoted an expert from the Kearney Consumer Institute who said “…companies need to build the foundation of trust with customers by picking the right message and messenger to communicate honestly and consistently.”

Your Voice, Mission, and Product/Service

This means your video should have an employee or even the CEO or president themselves featured in the piece. Talk directly to your consumers as if on a call or meeting in person. Say why the product is important to you, or why you believe in the service. Intertwine your company’s values in a way that makes them feel relatable and applicable. 

After introducing the company and the people behind it, begin plugging your product or service. Touching on pain points is key, and isn’t necessarily an outdated sales approach, but do so in a way that is direct and not heavy on marketing. This isn’t the same type of media as a commercial or advertisement; this is your chance to show your product or service in action while also building trust with your consumers.

Client Testimonials

Using client testimonials within your corporate video shows your potential consumers that the product or service works. Ask some of your trusted customers what they value most about your company and its people. Approach some of your current clients and have them speak on why they have chosen your product or service. Let the client lead the conversation and give as little direction as possible. People want to hear true, raw content when they are listening to a review.

Using a client testimonial in your corporate video also gives you the chance to add even more humanity to your brand. There are plenty of well-made websites, perfectly curated social media feeds, and top-of-the-line apps out there. Where can you stand out? Consumers can now easily see through a pretty aesthetic or impressive site, they want real human moments that will let them trust you. 

Digging Into Customer Feedback

The connection with your customers isn’t just good for your profits, it’s good for your potential marketing and advertising efforts. Yes, everyone loves a good review; a quick five stars or excellent comment can send your sales soaring. However, there is much more wrapped inside every piece of customer feedback you receive. As mentioned, customers are becoming conscious consumers and are aware of your competitors and what they have to offer. With the click of a button, a potential buyer can jump from one product to the next simply because the first was missing something they were looking for.

Your consumers can tell you not only about your product or service, but about your content itself. The internet is great for “keyboard warriors” who aren’t afraid to say what they really feel behind the screen. No one is going to be nice if they don’t need to be, and there are valuable nuggets of information in those comments. What did they like about your video? What came off as unnecessary or wrong? What did your consumer think was missing from the content? What did they want to hear more about?

Use your comments section and analytics to get the real picture of how your content is performing and where it is missing the mark. This isn’t always an easy task, and much of it can be overwhelming, but mining your customer feedback is one of your most indispensable resources.

UniMedia’s Take on Corporate Videos

Gone are the days of sending out a “genius piece of marketing” and never knowing how it truly performs. Though Mad Men makes for a great piece of television, unfortunately it isn’t the way marketing works anymore. UniMedia Productions has a team of professionals that covers every part of the video making process. We understand how to tell a story from your point of view and use expert videographers and top-of-the-line equipment to get it done. Don’t waste your time or resources creating a video just to say you have one—invest in a piece that will give you a voice and boost engagement with your audience.