choosing the best music for corporate video

Choosing the Best Music for Corporate Video

The concept of music for corporate videos may bring to mind heavily synthesized music that is ultimately forgettable. Forgettable music can mean the video you’ve spent so much time on will also be forgettable. Selecting the right music for your corporate video can make or break your project. Music helps set the mood and pace of the video and is imperative in helping get your point across. Music adds credibility to your project, so choosing your music for corporate video and where you get your music from is important.

The Cost of Music for Corporate Video

The cost of using popular music in videos can be exorbitant. The best solution to incorporating music is accessing  a music library. A music library subscription can be helpful when you need a lot of tracks per video. Music libraries are often subscription-based, or you pay a certain fee to access the music for a window of time. Audio Jungle is a great site that offers royalty-free, engaging music for backgrounds.

While there may be plenty of sites that advertise free, non-copyrighted tunes, be wary. You pay for what you get, so in this case the music may be subpar. Also important to note, you should be carefully reading through licensing details, especially when from picking from these “free” sites.

There can be stipulations about where you can use a song, how long the video can be online, and other factors you probably haven’t considered. Violating these terms risks having your video blocked from large platforms like YouTube, or you being sued or fined for copyright infringement.

Choosing the Right Music for Your Company Video

When deciding on where you want to source your music,  keep in mind the type of music you may want to use for your corporate video. Music is important in setting tone and backing up your company’s message. Make sure you pick music that doesn’t clash with what the video is trying to say.

For example, a video interview acknowledging the contributions of a company’s founder before her retirement probably doesn’t need a hard rock track. A video highlighting an upcoming exciting, promotional event probably doesn’t need soft, ambient harp music. There is a wide array of genres of music that will perfectly fit your video’s messaging.

For any video where you’re trying to get across several points, make sure your music is mostly instrumental so the audience doesn’t get distracted by lyrics. Music should also match the pacing of your video. For example, if the video is a few long shots showcasing a few products one at a time, it may not be a good idea to use music that’s faster than the tempo of the video. It could feel overwhelming. Using a mix of tracks that’s uplifting is great if you’re wanting your audience to pay closer attention to your video. This music may be especially useful if you have a text heavy video.

With so many types of music and licensing platforms out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best music for your corporate video. That’s why your team at UniMedia Productions will make sure that your video project is accompanied by the best music to fit your company’s goals.