Are You Using the Right Platform for Your Videos?

Video is a powerful medium. As the market for online video content continues to grow exponentially, organizations are constantly seeking the best way to engage their audience online, without breaking the bank. While free online video platforms like YouTube dominate the market, many other alternatives exist that offer a wide variety of features and functionality…

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Using Recruiting Videos to Hire the Best New Employees

Here is how to use recruiting videos to hire the best new employees.

Video is especially effective at storytelling, which is why it’s so valuable in advertising. The same goes for recruiting talent, because video brings elements to life much better than a written job description or words on a screen. According to the latest statistics, job listings with videos get 34% more applications than listings without (CareerBuilder),…

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How to Prepare for Shooting Video with a Production Company

Here is what you need to do to prepare for shooting a video with a production company.

As a business owner or marketing specialist, you likely have a clear vision for how you want to promote your company through the powerful medium of video. But materializing this vision often involves bringing on a skilled video production team. While hiring the right people will go a long way, it’s also crucial to effectively…

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Creating a Company Culture Video to Recruit New Employees

Learn how to create a compelling company culture video.

It’s hard to overstate just how important it is to invest ample time and effort into finding the right employees for your company. One powerful way to step up your recruitment game is to use video. You can create a much more vivid idea of what your company is all about, along with your company…

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The Benefits of Using Video in Sales Emails

Learn about the benefits of using video in sales emails.

When it comes time to book an important meeting or close a sales deal, using email is often the go-to method. But if you’re going to stand out and earn new business with your sales emails, you need to think of ways to get your recipients more engaged. One of the best ways to accomplish…

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The Difference Between Earned Media, Owned Media, and Paid Media

earned, owned, and paid media

Making use of different forms of media allows businesses of all sizes to capture the attention of their audience and effectively promote what they have to offer. Media can be broken down into three categories: earned media, owned media, and paid media. Creating the most effective marketing strategy for your company depends on understanding what…

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How to Be Confident on Camera for Company Videos

Learn how to be confident on camera in company videos. Learn more here.

Beyond the simple fact that creating well-produced videos sounds intimidating, the idea of appearing on camera isn’t exactly in everyone’s comfort zone. But as you venture into your new video marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for being on camera and to start building your camera skills. If you’re willing to…

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Benefits of Live Streaming Video About Your Business

live streaming

Your video marketing strategy doesn’t have to be entirely made up of edited videos with polished production qualities. One tool you can add to your social media and video marketing strategies is live video streaming. By making a habit of going live, you can better leverage your social media presence for increased engagement and more…

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Creating Customer Testimonial Videos

Learn More About Creating Customer Testimonial Videos.

One of the most effective ways to break down barriers between you and your potential customers is to share stories of other customers enjoying what you have to offer. And when you combine this strategy with the engaging and compelling medium of video, you can create a potent one-two punch. Here’s how you can make…

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How Long Should Videos Be for Social Media?

Find out more information on how long videos should be for social media.

Adding social media videos to your toolbox of marketing collateral is a powerful way to boost engagement and retention among your audience. But with each social media platform catering to different types of viewers, you’ll need to know how to tailor your video content to best suit each platform, including nailing down the ideal video…

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