Is Your Architecture Firm Using Social Media Effectively?

social media for architects

You’ve jumped on the opportunity to bring your firm online, but are you making the most of your digital space? Making the move to social media can be an intimidating pursuit, and the pressure gets heavier as more questions arise. Your architecture firm has a lot to offer, and you should be showcasing your work…

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The Importance of Audio in Company Videos

importance of audio

Videos are an extremely valuable component in your company’s marketing strategy, and video marketing is growing fast. According to a report by Demand Metrics 93 percent of study participants believe video is better than other forms of content marketing. Another study conducted by HubSpot found almost three-quarters of consumers prefer video to text. When done…

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Make a Company More Personal with Video

make a company more personal

Video adds a level of communication that other forms of media simply can’t achieve. When you’re trying to communicate your brand, product, or idea, video can make a company more personal, making your potential customer feel more connected with your brand. If you’re trying to introduce your brand on an intimate level, perhaps the best…

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What Is a Secure Website?

Find out the many reasons why having a secure website is so important. Learn more here.

When your website goes live, having a modern design, eye-catching images, and well-written copy will all be essential. At the same time, you can’t afford to overlook web security. Having a secure website for your small business will go a long way in making your company’s image more professional while improving the experience of your…

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Converting Warm Leads into Sales

The marketing experts at UniMedia offer advice on converting warm leads into sales.

When it comes to online marketing, warm leads are extremely valuable. Whether it be through a referral, a new follower on social media, or a subscriber on your weekly newsletter, someone expressing interest in your business is an extraordinary feat. However, generating a warm lead is only half the battle. Now that you’ve gained their…

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UniMedia Intern Intel: Taylor

Taylor is originally from Gastonia, North Carolina, and joined UniMedia for the summer to learn more about marketing. According to Taylor, “I decided to join UniMedia because I wanted to further my learning. There is so much value in watching professionals create campaigns and content. The best way to learn is to jump right in!”…

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The Value of Having a Chat Function on Your Website


People have always appreciated fast customer service, but in today’s market, people demand it. Immediate customer service can be quite challenging for companies to deliver, especially for those that aren’t large enough to employ an internal or external call center. One of the best solutions for speeding up your customer service is using a chat…

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How Publishing a Book Can Lead to More Business


Books mean big business Many businesses can benefit from publishing a book that shares information and expertise with the marketplace.  For a business leader, writing a nonfiction book to introduce your ideas, your company, and its offerings to the world can be among the best uses of your marketing resources. When a nonfiction business book…

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Why Integrated Marketing is Essential for Small Businesses


Integrated marketing is essential to business owners because they can not afford to misspend or waste money on a single isolated marketing effort. It may be tempting to focus on one aspect of marketing – a new website, a direct mail campaign, radio ads or as a manufacturer, simply letting your partners market for you.…

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