Best Types of Videos for Manufacturing Companies

As a manufacturing company, you may be focused mostly on your latest innovations or making production more efficient, but there are plenty of good reasons to put some serious effort into video marketing. If you’re unsure where to begin with your video marketing, there are plenty of types of videos for manufacturing companies to consider.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Video is a powerful way to make your business real for consumers and businesses that purchase what you produce. While there will be key decision-makers at companies you sell to who will be able to assess the raw technical aspects of your products and whether or not they meet their needs, it’s also crucial to make a good first impression. And when it comes to making memorable impressions, video reigns supreme.

Not only will video create effective messaging to connect with new markets, but it will also improve your SEO in the process, making it a worthwhile investment on multiple fronts.

Types of Videos for Manufacturing Companies

If your company is new to video marketing, it can be hard to decide where to start when it comes to the types of videos to create. Here are some great examples of videos that work well for manufacturing companies:

Factory Tour: An exciting way to tap into people’s curiosity, factory video tours pull back the curtain and give viewers an inside look at what goes into producing whatever it is you’re selling. It’s a great way to get people to more genuinely appreciate what you do while generating more interest in your products.

Product Demo: Seeing the finished product in action is always a thrill, so why not create a video to showcase it for a mass audience? Viewers tend to enjoy seeing how a product works, especially when produced well. Plus, it presents a fantastic opportunity to really sell your product.

Training Videos: Video isn’t just for external marketing; it can also be an effective way to train your staff. In fact, video is known to boost retention, making it a great teaching tool for new employees.

Educational Content: Creating quality products isn’t enough to make your manufacturing business as competitive as it can be. The best way to make your brand stand out is to establish yourself as an important thought leader in your industry. For example, if you produce aftermarket auto parts designed for off-roading, you could produce a series of videos discussing best practices for driving on different types of terrain.

Showcasing your knowledge in your industry helps build trust between you and your buyers while providing them with value they can take away before they even make a purchase. This helps keep them attached to your brand until they are ready to buy.

Making the jump to video marketing may seem intimidating. But if you invest in working with a quality video marketing firm and come up with a strong strategy, you’ll be excited about the growth you experience.