6 Must-Haves for Your Website

As business websites continue to only get more competitive, the effectiveness of your website depends on whether or not it includes the right tools and features. As the digital space evolves based on consumer demands and market trends, there are several elements you’ll want your website to have if your business is going to grow.

Conversion Funnel

Your website exists for the purpose of driving business, which means it needs to be designed with conversions in mind. This will obviously look a bit different for everyone depending on the business model, but the homepage should ultimately guide users to eCommerce, appointment booking, or contact pages.

In addition to conversions like actual sales, your website should also include other types of conversions consumers can act on if they aren’t ready to buy, such as providing contact info in exchange for a discount on their first purchase.


Simply put, video works. It grabs people’s attention, creates lasting impressions, and effortlessly conveys what you’re all about in a short timeframe if done correctly. When websites include attention-grabbing videos, their conversion rates soar, often leading to a significant ROI.

Video is also excellent for SEO. Since videos are powerful tools for answering queries, search engine algorithms reward web pages that include videos with higher rankings. By adding more video content to your website, you’ll boost both the quality and traffic volume of each page.

Content Updates

Websites that go unchanged for long stretches of time are perceived as not being as helpful based on search engine metrics. Because of this, you ought to make updating your website a routine part of your marketing strategy. Whether this happens in the form of a blog or by simply making changes to existing content, updating your website will help keep it visible in search results.

Chat Function

While not every single business model will be well-suited for chat, healthcare practices, car dealerships, or other types of businesses where people are likely to have lots of questions before making a purchase will find having a chat option on their website helpful.

Having a place to type in questions and get answers (hopefully with little delay) is a great way to improve the customer experience and boost sales. Leads who may not be ready to talk to a customer service rep on the phone or come into the store may ultimately end up becoming clients because they were able to comfortably get the information they wanted.

Clear Product and Service Descriptions

While this may seem a bit obvious, putting in the extra bit of effort to author clear, concise, and attention-grabbing descriptions of what your business offers will improve the user experience and make consumers’ decisions much easier. It also provides ample opportunity to include effective keywords and phrases for SEO.


Now that the user has found your beautifully-designed, vividly descriptive, and well-organized website, it’s time for them to take some sort of action. That’s where the call to action (CTA) comes in. Adding short, compelling CTAs at strategic points of conversion will guide interested users to the actions that will increase your sales and improve your profits.

By trusting the right digital marketing firm and using updated trends and analytics to refine your digital marketing strategies, you’ll make your website better work for you.